The First of Many

Okay everyone! I am officially done being lazy. Due to various life events and a lack of availability from my D&D party I have been rather unfocused on worldbuilding and fantasy in general, but I am back on track to do some regular posts. While they may not all be particularly interesting or large, they will be regular (I’m thinking 1-2 every two weeks, increasing to 3-4 eventually) and at least somewhat useful to some of you!

Anyway, below is the first of a series I’m starting that doesn’t have a name yet. It will basically be a collection of buildings, rooms, areas, etc. that can be recycled and changed slightly for different locations to be used multiple times. Thanks for all your patience and I hope you enjoy the coming posts!

 Recyclable series #1


This is your standard village root cellar layout (at least in my homebrew setting, Alsa). The “door” is set at an angle into the side of an earthen mound. Beneath the door is a wooden ladder built into the wall that descends roughly 15 ft. Some villages will have this shaft widened enough to fit a bucket on a line or a pulley system for moving heavier goods. At the bottom of the shaft is a short landing hallway, then the main chamber. Most cellars will only use a single chamber, though it may be a bit larger. In this room your players could find many items such as…

  • Tools for farming (hoes, shovels, tills, etc.)
  • Tools for building (masonry tools, hammers, saws)
  • Hidden Belongings (a stolen piece of silverware, a love letter, hide-a-key box)
  • Surplus food produced by the town
  • Food imports from another area being preserved
  • Inexpensive or local beverages
  • Cheap weapons and armor (in the case that the village has no city guard)
  • Animal flesh from a recent hunt (usually hung to cure or salted and barreled)
  • Village-wide supply of spices or seasonings
  • The village treasury (in a chest or hidden hatch)

If you feel like being random with it, you could always roll a d10 on the table above to help decide what to put in your cellar’s main room. Some larger or more affluent villages might have individual cellars inside households or large magically climate-controlled storage buildings, but for those that are big or wealthy and not quite there yet you will probably see at least one more room in the cellar. Above, I’ve added a chamber to the East for storing items that warrant higher security (imported beer and wine, a chest or trick-barrel with the village’s gold within, a dead body, etc.). For the majority of villages that make use of the room it will probably contain beer or wine and the tavern keeper will be the sole keyholder. In DnD 5e I would probably give the lock a DC10 to pick and increase that check based on the value of the items behind the door.

That’s that for your first recyclable of many. Hope you all enjoy collapsing it on your players when the cleric uses Thunderwave.

The First of Many

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