Speak With Animals is meant to be a repository for any media, tools, and general ideas I may have pertaining to tabletop gaming, world building, and whatever else happens to come up. Eventually I hope to do regular updates, up to once daily, but that might be a while down the road


I am a twenty-something, happily married, frequently distracted nerd who currently does merchandising for a popular retailer. In my free time I like to do anything related to fantasy and art; I run and play tabletop games, play music, and occasionally do tech-related things. I’m working on putting together resources for a fantasy game companion setting revolving around my D&D world Alsa, as well as musical project which might be mentioned occasionally. I appreciate any feedback and welcome criticism, so thanks in advance!


Any content provided on this website (with the some exceptions that will be noted as they are posted) is licensed under the Creative Commons license BY-SA, which basically means anybody can use any of the content on this site for anything as long as you do the following (to the best of your ability given the information provided):

List me (Joseph R Strom) as the original creator of the content, mention if the work is derivative or an adaptation, and retain this same license in the derived or adapted work.

I would appreciate if you choose to use content from this site that you link to the page on which you found the content in your work, or link to this blog’s main page, but you are in no way obligated to do so.


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